Tuesday, May 10, 2011

More baby videos

Enjoy watching Caleb in action!

This first video is from a walk we took with Caleb and Sierra some time ago.  The video is from February but I forgot to share it.  This shows what life is like here in Mali outside of our mission compound.

Next is a video from Easter.  Grandma and Grandpa Griffis sent Caleb a little lamb as a present, and he took an immediate liking!  He tried to eat the lamb to the best of his abilities.  (18 weeks old)

On Easter Sunday we went to church at Bethel.  You'll notice Caleb and Brian wearing their matching Easter cloth outfits - see our facebook album for a family picture.  In this video Caleb enjoys the singing.  (18 weeks old)

Sometime in the last few weeks Caleb has really discovered he loves playing with Sierra.  When she comes close he puts his arms out and leans in.  He especially loves "petting" (ie grabbing) her ears.  She has been very sweet and patient, and usually reciprocates (or preempts) the pets with a big lick to the face!  (18 weeks old)

Caleb also loves singing, or at least loves it when Mom and Dad sing.  A couple of his favorites are the Alphabet Song and The Itsy-Bitsy Spider.  Here he gives some smiles during the song and also tries to eat the camera.  (19 weeks old)

Finally, be sure to check out our newest facebook album with plenty of Caleb pictures!