Thursday, December 22, 2011

Caleb's Walking!

While visiting Grandma and Grandpa O'Neill in Michigan, Caleb took some of his first steps that we could catch on camera! He has taken a few before, but this is some of his best walking we've seen. He is just three days shy of his first birthday.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Birthday party!

Caleb enjoyed his 1st Birthday Party a little bit early in Visalia with Grammie and Grandpa Griffis. He also enjoyed his first taste of dessert - a whole piece of chocolate cake!

The "Doljabi" (돌잡이) ceremony for a child's first birthday is a Korean tradition. The child wears a traditional Hanbok and different objects are placed in front of him. The first two objects he chooses are thought to say something about his future. Typical objects to be placed in front of the child: a pencil and paper representing being a scholar; thread representing skill and dexterity; a noodle representing long life; and money representing financial success. In modern incarnations of this tradition families may add other objects representing similar skills or paths in life.
In our ceremony, Caleb wore a hanbok given to him by Julie's former teacher's aide from TCIS, Sunah Chong. We placed thread, a ball (representing athletic skill), a stuffed animal (representing a love of animals), money, a Bible (representing a life in ministry), and a pencil in a semicircle in front of him and let him go...

Which two do you think he chose?

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Grandma and Grandpa O'Neill come to visit

Caleb keeps us busy and joyful, and here are a few new videos with the little guy.

One game Caleb likes to play with Daddy is "Daddy's Gonna Getcha" - a little chase around the living room.

When Grandma and Grandpa O'Neill came to visit they had a great time playing with Caleb, and Caleb really enjoyed this book sent by his Great Grandma McClure - it has little flaps that make noises when you open them, and Caleb really got the hang of it quickly!

Playing horsey with Grandpa.

Caleb loves to eat and this day he was particularly enjoying mealtime:

Thanks for enjoying our videos! We hope you have a wonderful holiday season!