Tuesday, August 16, 2011

New home, new videos of Caleb

Hi everybody!

Here we are in Orange County, getting settled and ready for a new adventure!  We haven't been posting as much to the blog, and probably won't be, but we'll still use this as a place to share our precious Caleb videos.  He's growing so fast!

In July we traveled to Michigan for Peter's wedding and as a bonus, Caleb got to meet his cousin Timothy for the first time.  Timothy is just 15 days younger, and these guys had a ton of fun together.  Here's a video of their first moment meeting - Caleb was six months old here.

After we returned to California, Brian's mom came with us to help us get settled.  Caleb got a new high chair and started eating lots of different kinds of foods.  Here's a video of him enjoying the tart sweetness of applesauce.  Very cute!

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