Sunday, July 22, 2012

New videos - 18 months

Well, we've been busy this summer, moving to our brand new old house in Fullerton not even a month ago. The projects just don't seem to end, but through it all Caleb keeps sneaking up on us and getting bigger and cuter every day. Here are a couple highlight videos from the last few weeks.

Overdue for a nap:
 With Caleb outgrowing clothes and toys seemingly every day, we decided it was also time for him to outgrow the pacifier. The first night he went down to sleep without even a peep. We secretly congratulated ourselves on being such good parents and wondered why other kids have so much trouble breaking the habit. Day 2 we became a little concerned when he cried a little at nap time. By Day 3 nap time was a complete thirty-minute scream-fest. This video was taken around 5 PM after three failed nap attempts throughout the day.

Building a tower:
Caleb is really into organizing and stacking. One day he surprised us by breaking into the canned food cabinet (that part was not surprising) and building some impressive towers.


 First haircut:
Well, we put it off long enough, but eventually Caleb's long surfer locks had to go... Especially since the back was starting to look more like a bad comb-over. Julie took him to a special kids' hairdresser, and you can see they had quite the setup. After he came home I couldn't believe how much more grown-up it makes him look, what with all his 2T clothes and such...


 Hope you enjoy these videos! We'll post some pictures of the ongoing house projects one of these days, so stay tuned on facebook.


  1. Oh my goodness! He's getting so big!! It's fun watching him grow even though it's through pictures and videos. hahah

    Miss you so much! Mr. O'neill!!!!
    Are you still teaching physics in high school in CA? I hope everything is going well! :)

  2. Adorable videos!! Julie, when are you due for Baby #2, again? Hope you are doing well in California!